Stop For A Meal At One Of These Allen TX Restaurants

Posted on: July 17, 2018, by :

Prepare to take a closer look at four of the top restaurants in Allen TX. Depending on the type of cuisine you’re in the mood for, one of these picks should get your attention. In fact, all of them might be places you want to visit sooner or later. They are certainly known for serving up great food in Allen, Texas.

The Blue Fish Allen is the first place I’m going to bring to your attention. This restaurant is located on Garden Park Drive, and it’s known for its tuna tower and volcano roll. Reviews say that this establishment is great for date nights. The eel roll is another one of the menu favorites. This is a great place to stop if you like sushi.

Papa Lopez is the second featured dining establishment that I’m going to tell you about. The restaurant is located at 969 Sam Rayburn Tollway, and it’s all about delicious Mexican food. Reviews point to the fact that this dining establishment is typically crowded, and there is a happy hour. Delicious Tex-Mex food is waiting for you.

How about some Indian cuisine? Spice Creations is the name of the place, and you can find this restaurant at 1328 West McDermott Street. One of the favorite dishes of customers that eat at this restaurant is tandoori chicken. The portions are large, and so you can count on getting quite a lot to eat for sure.

Nosoo is another great restaurant located in Allen TX, and it’s all about the sushi there, too. This place is located at 604 West Bethany Drive. While it’s about the sushi, this is a hibachi restaurant, and the place has many other items on the menu. There is also a happy hour menu, and people say the chefs at this restaurant are excellent.

Coconut Express is the last place on this list of restaurants in Allen TX. However, I do want to give you the name of an honorable mention, Sauced Wings. Everyone loves chicken wings, right? I’m a vegetarian, and I still like the idea of eating chicken wings. They are delicious. Back to Coconut Express though.

Coconut Express is an Indian food buffet, and it’s located on 2023 West McDermott Drive. People say the kerala food is quite yummy. If this is the type of cuisine you would like to eat right now, then you have a lot of choices waiting for you at the buffet. Or you could visit one of the other three restaurants in Allen TX.